Mica, who is my founding partner, and I, created Basemapp when we analysed the business processes on a golf course. We found archaic working methods and a huge bottleneck when it came to information management.

Basemapp was succesfully launched, used by clients globally, and attracted a 350.000 USD investment. It was voluntary closed in the year 2019.

It is an all-in-one golf and property management software to help superintendents become better managers. It includes easy-to-use tools for: Mapping, Asset Management, Task and Staff Management, Chemical and Applications Maintenance, Inventory and Equipment Management, Budget Management.

Within the company, I was the product owner: responsible for the design and the development of the product.

Company Basemapp Inc.
Year 2013
Location Washington DC , USA
Founders Mica Longanecker and Maxim Broos